Media Coverage on Charest Visit to India

Tue, Feb 9, 2010

In the media

The media have been closely following Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s visit to India – below are six stories that have emerged over the past few days. Click on the story titles to read the full articles.

1. Charest pilloried over asbestos exports at Delhi summit
(Globe & Mail, Feb. 5, 2010)

2. India: BWI Unions tell Quebec Premier Mr. Charest: Asbestos? No Thanks !!!
(Building & Woodworkers International)

3. Amiante: l’image du Québec ternie
(Cyberpresse, le 05 février 2010)

4. Charest promotes Quebec in India but won’t stop exporting asbestos
(Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 5, 2010)

5. Charest faces more questions about export of asbestos during visit to India
(Metro News, Vancouver, Feb. 5, 2010)

6. Quebec’s Chrysotile Asbestos causing increased deaths in Mexico
(About Mesothelioma, Feb. 8, 2010)

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