Request for Asbestos Investigation Turned Down

Sat, Feb 20, 2010

In the media

A few stories from February:

  1. Quebec Liberals rebuff effort to probe asbestos exports
    (Globe and Mail, February 17, 2010)
  2. Liberals shoot down opposition request to explore risks of exporting asbestos
    (Winnipeg Free Press, February 17, 2010)
  3. Exportation d’amiante – Les libéraux refusent de débattre
    (, le 17 février 2010)
  4. Les libéraux refusent de débattre sur l’amiante
    (La Presse Canadienne, le 17 février 2010)
  5. Khadir veut un débat sur l’amiante
    (Le Soleil, le 17 février 2010)
  6. Gestion de l’amiante: Québec solidaire veut remettre la question à l’ordre du jour parlementaire, Comuniqué, Québec Solidaire
    (Portail Quebec, le 17 février 2010)
  7. Amiante chrysotile: des propos accablants pour le Canada
    (La Presse, le 17 février 2010)

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2 Responses to “Request for Asbestos Investigation Turned Down”

  1. Derrick Fernie Says:

    Look at it this way how do they profit from this Product,Number one its the Quebec government that owns these mines after they expropriated them from General Dynamic.If you give them what they want they keep silent about separation and they make millions of dollars off the export of this hideous product.Next they get subsidizes from the federal government call them loans if you want.Then there’s the up side for our so called leaders. When you get sick from this product you generally do not live more then a year my brother was 63 he lived less then five months.Guess what no Canada pension payment no health care costs and most people that get this are older around retirement age how convenient.Oh yes lets look at the statement (WE NO LONGER MANUFACTURE ASBESTOS IN CANADA.)Yes that may be true but they do in India and other so called third world country’s. Now where are the goods like toasters oven gloves hair dryers and many other goods with asbestos in them made. In the third world country’s of course due to a cheap and expendable labor force.And where do you think they export these products too back to us.But they were telling the truth they do not manufacture asbestos in Canada anymore.Murder by profit nothing less nothing more.Now lets look at the great compensation system in Canada.It is protected by an act of legislature which means that they cannot be sued even if you take them to the supreme court the only thing the judge can do is send it back to them to look at hence so much for the Canadian constitution.Lets take a look at what this act prevents,If your employer knowingly infects you with asbestos the minute you file a claim for compensation he is protected you cannot sue him if your doctor is negligent in your care you cannot sue unless the WCB gives you permission. (Good luck in that)lets see what if you do not file for compensation.Well most people that discover that they have cancer from this live only months and are suffering great pain and when they become part of the great class action law suit it takes years and the payouts are minimal and if collected it is usually by next of kin.But what if they do not have money or if they file for compensation what do they receive my brother Clayton got approx, 7000 dollars for a life time of hard work and a horrible painful death that was totally preventable because after all they have known about the affects of asbestos for 100 years.Murder for profit by government and business.

  2. Derrick Fernie Says:

    Dear Mr. Fernie:

    On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to thank you for your e-mail regarding asbestos.

    You may be assured that your comments have been given careful consideration. As they will also be of interest to the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, and the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources, I have taken the liberty of forwarding copies of your message to them. I am certain that the Ministers will appreciate being made aware of your concerns.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your views with the Prime Minister.

    P. Monteith
    Executive Correspondence Officer
    for the Prime Minister’s Office
    Agent de correspondance
    de la haute direction
    pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

    >>> From : Derrick Fernie Received : 12 Sep 2010 02:18:48 AM >>>

    >>> Subject : End Public Funding for the Asbestos Lobby [1804] >>>>

    Subject: End Public Funding for the Asbestos Lobby [1804]

    Dear Prime Minister Harper,
    Sir when I was a small boy my oldest brother was my hero I would brag to my friends and others about him he was a tradesman and he was involved heavily in martial arts he did not drink or smoke. Today I am 54 years old and my hero died June 8th 2010 in Kamaloops BC he was 63 years old he had 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.Sir he died a horrible painful death was it a natural death.No it was not it was Mesothelioma cause by Asbestos he worked most of his working life as a wall &ceiling worker the same trade as myself We were never warned about the perils of Asbestos by the WCB or Work safe or whatever you want to call it.As you and every other elected official knows they exist to protect the rich owner the very same people that support all the elect officials like yourself.Why else would you allow the sale and export of this murderous product to third world country’s were worker’s and their family’s are dying in the thousands.When you go to sleep at night do you see the face ‘s of the poor people that died simply so that a few people can become richer then they are already.I doubt that you do you would have to have a conscience for that.You and all the political party’s have no trouble getting rid of things that are good.But you with all your power cannot get rid of something that will kill hundreds of thousands of people world wide. Or reform the Workmen Compensation Act that does not even fall under the constitution of Canada. This self same Act protects the people that victimizes injured workers and prevents Asbestos victims
    from filing lawsuits once they have filed compensation claims.My brother recieved
    7000 dollars for his life from Work safe BC.You think us foolish we know you are saving money on this because after all you do not pay Canada pension payments to dead people.And most of these people get ill from this around retirement age you will save a huge amount of money.I challenge you Prime Minster Harper to do the right thing. You were given a public trust to serve and protect the public. Something no politician has done in Canada for many years and you and your cohorts wonder why democracy is in trouble you bet it is.But all it would take is a man in a position of power to stand up and say that this is not right and I have the courage to try to change it are you that man Mr Harper?

    Derrick Fernie
    5023 Prince Albert ,ST
    Vancouver , BC v5w 3c5

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