Sign the petition: Stop threatening Michaela Keyserlingk and stop exporting asbestos

Tue, Aug 16, 2011


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  1. Roland Marentette Says:

    I know many of the victims past and present who were exposed to asbestos at Bendix Corporation in Windsor. The Sarnia community also shared this terrble legacy at multiple worksdites. This carcinogen is responsible for many unnecessary deaths all over the world and the Federal government should be ashamed for allowing it to be exported!

  2. BoredomCorner Says:

    This is amazing; Conservatives EXPORT POISON, and SUE ANYONE WHO STANDS UP TO THEM FOR IT, and then they wonder why the hell people think they’re immoral scum??

  3. Sterling Haynes MD Says:

    I can not believe the Conservative Party of Canada is so insensitive to the health need of people of the world. Not only are they cavalier but they will bully Mrs. Keyserlingk and threaten her for standing up for what she know is right!

  4. Harold Bridge Says:

    This is incredible. In the seventies I thought I had learned that asbestos was a no-no. I am amazed that it is till being used

  5. Gloria Enoch Says:

    I can’t believe that Canada will continue with this export. this is unconscionable. Support healthy industry and STOP with this. Do not do this in the name of Canadians. I understand that this product is not in Can. Govt. buildings or residents for politicians..WHY NOT?

  6. debra barkman Says:

    I belive if the concervative party of canada wants to be seen as credible at all in the eyes of many prople in this world,they will listen to this widows message and not harass her+ take resonsiblity for stopping the spread of death via the canadian export o asbestos,thank you

  7. sharon Says:

    When Harper considers commerce above humanity, then he should reconsider his morals or at least listen to his church beliefs.

    Or have we now changed to believe there are no limits to our righteousness?

    Heaven help Canada in whose name these atrocities, including the NATO led regime changes, are committed.

  8. Beth Beech Says:

    If the conservatives were proud of their actions they would not be objecting so loudly to being connected to the issue with their logo. They know selling asbestos is wrong, full stop. They just don’t know how to quit!

    In general governments need to develop a process for getting industries to switch to healthier products and manufacturing methods as soon as the evidence of danger is established. WE are so slow at change and it is putting far too many at risk by not knowing how to move away from unhealthy practices.

  9. Bob Lewis Says:

    It is just so depressing – and embarrasing – to have this man as our prime minister. From asbestos exports to free trade with Columbia, I believe that everything he does is not just wrong, but evil.
    With a falling crime rate and a weak economy he wants to spend billions on new jails.

    With his cabinet full of the people who nearly ruined Ontario under Mike Harris, he has renamed the ‘Tar Sands’ as ‘Ethical Oil Sands’, implemented the ‘war on drugs’ and minimum sentence policies that even the Americans have started to realize are counter productive, and the list goes on.

    The man is just disgusting.

  10. Lynn I. Hopkins Says:

    lynn (Moir) Hopkins Says

    Only a political Party so Pro-Business that they see nothing wrong in exporting asbestos which will kill people in less developed and less democratic countries than ours, could justify shipping this product, which is restricted in our country, to other countries where the people are less educated on the health consequences or death that asbestos causes.

    It shows a real lack of conscience and desire for justice for all in the Conservative party of Canada. Shame! I believe the majority of Canadians do not want our Government to ship asbestos out of the country.

  11. r jamieson Says:

    Words fail me. It is just sickening… So many well stated comments above. We need proportional representation so all Canadians have a voice. If our community committee ran things like this we would be tarred, feathered and run out of town. :(

  12. Marshall Neuman Says:

    Harper and the Conservatives are concerned only about one thing only – staying in power. Money is what keeps them there, and they couldn’t care less about the collateral damage. Disgusting that we gave these guys a majority…this is only the tip of the iceberg for what we’re in for as a country. He’s going to shape this country into something we won’t recognize, in accordance with his promise. And I thought we were smarter than the Americans. We’re not.

  13. A Leung Says:

    The Conservative party has the audacity to use ministerial letterhead for partisan fundraising, to pose with giant, mock government cheques bearing the party logo and MPs’ signatures, and to replace “Government of Canada” in federal communications with “Harper Government”. That being the case, it has no right to object to this use of its logo.

  14. Bob Lewis Says:

    I’m wondering if we all put a similar message about asbestos on our websites – with the Conservative logo – maybe with a circle around it and a diagonal line through it – the universal ‘no’ symbol – would they threaten all of us? Would they take us all to court?

  15. Shane in Wpg Says:

    Harperites know only a very few thing: MONEY, and of course, votes!

    Bastards are bastards. I’ve put the Conservative logo and links to the website on all my emails! Keep up the campaign!!

    Shane in Wpg

  16. Shane in Wpg Says:

    We should start a campaign to charge Steven HARPER with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY at the World Court in The Hague!

    If ever there was a SHAMEFUL and callous policy by a government in Canada the Harper Government policy is it!

    The Buck must STOP with Harper. He runs the ‘tightest, most controlled government in Canadian history. It is HIS crime!

    I would definitely donate money to a legal prosecution of this inhuman corporate pawn!

  17. Freda Paterson Says:

    My sympathies to Michaela Keyserlingk over the loss of her husband. My husband also died of mesothelioma in 1994 & the same issues are still around. It astounds me that our Governments, Federal & Provincial continue to promote the mining & sale of this lethal product to developing countries unprepared to adequately handle it. As a Canadian it does not do much to instill pride in my country. Everyone should be concerned.

  18. paul fletcher Says:

    The export of Abestos is not a good idea and reflects badly on Canada

  19. Barbara Balmer Says:

    I lost my dad to mesothelioma ten years ago. He worked for Turner Bros. In the U.K. I hear your anger and feel your pain. All you can do is keep up the momentum and don’t stop trying. Your visible support for the victims and families will encourage more to come forward, together you have a very powerful voice. You aren’t alone. xxx

  20. Sue Says:

    Interesting technique. What if all those who have been harmed by Harper’s policies were to adopt this technique. Connecting the responsibility for the injuries, harms, damages, downstream consequences. Or you could expand your site to be a voice for those who have suffered harm from Harper’s policies, but do not have a means to express their plight. I think there’d be a bit of traffic.

  21. Val MacLean Says:

    I have been searching for a website to be able to voice my opinion on the continuation of exporting this hazardous material.

    My Husband and I had worked extremely hard in our young years and where hoping to enjoy the fruits of our labor in our senior years. Jim never smoked, he enjoyed playing sports and was in great shape, it took only a year and a half and he was gone. I can’t understand why the Harper Gov’t wants to continue to export this material. Purhaps its time that we hit them where it hurts, if they can invest millions of our $’s in these mines, then they should look at compensating the families of its victims. The same way they had to with the blood scandel a few years back. Thanks you

  22. John Funk Says:

    To Shane in Winnipeg,

    suggest you get together with a whole lot of friends, and make up a bunch of banners to display at the opening of the first Winnipeg jets hockey game in October. Harper will be attending it.
    The banners could read: killer Harper exporting deaths by asbestos etc.
    With the Conservative logo. You could easily smuggle them in and unfurl them at strategic moments

  23. John Funk Says:

    Sad very sad.

    Let’s not forget to pray for Mr. Harper and his caucus. Maybe somebody could convince one of the Conservatives MPs to risk his political future with the conservative party and submit a private members bill to outlaw the export of asbestos. There is supposed to be a bunch of Christians in the caucus, like myself,

    God help us all. And God bless Canada.


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