Take Action: End Public Funding for the Asbestos Lobby

Mon, Mar 22, 2010


Asbestos protest

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20 Responses to “Take Action: End Public Funding for the Asbestos Lobby”

  1. I.sinclair Says:

    don’t you know the hazards of asbestos. Be honorable .
    DO the right thing – for the best for ALL.

  2. Robert Haslett Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. That tax dollars are going to fund private industry lobbying groups is absolutely appalling.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is not only irresponsible to cut money from Wpmen’s and Aboriginal Health, it is downright immoral to give the money from these cuts to subsidize a product widely known to be a health danger. We need only look at India for widespread examples.

  4. Eileen Says:

    Please reconsider your policy– I am appalled that our Canadian government would endanger the lives of innocent victims.

  5. Holman GARAVITO Says:

    I can’t think what individual would choose to poison some one in another country. Asbestos is Illegal in Canada. You can’t support any individual, industry anywhere that promotes the use of this mineral.
    — Who do you think you are, not with my money or any one else, not even your own it is criminal and if you do it you should be prosecuted.

  6. sherry smith Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. There are many things I do not like this Government using my money for. Like their partisan ads against the opposition, the lobby groups like this one, and they continually and steadily are taking this Country backwards into a very right wing agenda with less emphasize on human rights.

  7. RodDowning Says:

    Canada’s export of asbestos is repugnant! If someone handling it comes home with fibres on clothes, even their family will develop asbestosis – a painful killer. See CBC documentary: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/ID=1304445584.

    Out govt is knowingly allowing the export of sickness and death, pure and simple . . and utterly despicable!

  8. Dorothy Wright Says:

    As I am not a Canadian citizen I can’t send a Letter to your government but as a ‘political refugee’ from my own country of UK following the government condoned manslaughter of my son by his employer,I am appalled that another so called ‘civilized’ country such as Canada so readily exports death to other countries .It would seem that politicians in all governments are prepared to sell our lives to big business to line their own pockets
    So much blood on their hands!!!

  9. Douglas Alton Says:

    Our prosperity should not be supported by the export of carcinogenic materials like asbestos and tobacco.
    Shame on you Prime Minister!

  10. Michael Toal Says:

    This is a rediculous method of using Govt funds, actually they are taxpayers funds. Would Mr Harper please explain why Asbestos is not used in Canada and could he check on the numbers of Canadians who were and still are suffering from the aftermath of its use. Now he seems intent on passing that on to other countries in the name of ecomomic aid. Sheesh! when will this guy listen to his own people. I guess its just another pice of lip service just like the Columbia Fee Trade Agreement

  11. Steve Ferris Says:

    Prime Minister Harper,

    At a time when standing on princple seem to be in short supply, you are provided with an opportunity to do so over the funding of the Chrysotile Institute, the lobby group for the asbestos industry. Having the Canadian government fund this institute strikes me at odds with your health concerns for women yet undermining the health of men who may very well be a family’s bread winner.

    I hope you stand with the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Cancer Society and the World Health Organization and thousands around the world to oppose the exporting of this lethal asbestos. Let not history point the finger at you that this dangerous material caused an epidemic of asbestos disease and death overseas on your watch. Stop funding the Chrysotile Institute. A man of principles would do no less.

    I look forward to receiving your positive reply.

  12. pierre Says:

    Asbestos is a known carcinogen – I’d been aware that it was still being produced and exported in Canada, though not that it was legal to use in Canada AND that the Harper government gave funding to one of its lobby groups! This is just wrong.

  13. Sharon Lorz Says:

    My guess is that Focus on the Family must approve of exporting asbestos.Harper takes a lot of advice from them. I don’t think they’re big on funding for women.

  14. Shelley Kehoe Says:

    My father was a strong working healthy man other than the time-bomb of asbestos damage causing mesothelioma and a horrible, excruciating, torturous death. My father worked as a pipefitter and helped build this country. Our family slowly watched him suffocate to death. Mesothelioma is like a sponge growing between the lungs and the pleura (lining of the lungs). As it worsens, you can breath in but not out. Death is welcomed and prayed for. I cannot bring back my father. I cannot share with him the joy of our new grandchildren who will never know him. He cannot hug us or say he loves us. He cannot go dancing, tell jokes or go fishing. He cannot sit at our table for all the special holidays…I love you daddy and I miss you.

    How many others in these other countries will say the same about those they love? And what about the children who work in these other countries with asbestos? I am sad and ashamed to say that I am a Canadian today because we are all responsible for this infanticide and genocide for the sake of money.

    Fellow Canadians, I implore you, will you with me, vote out this government if they do not stop this insanity?

  15. Gerry Landry Says:

    “STEPHEN in the LION’S DEN”
    Biblically we are warned that there can be “wolves in sheep’s clothes” Matt. 7:15 or that “For the love of money is the root of all evil” 1 Tim.6:10, an inherent problem with greed overriding common sense… But a caution to Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be Rev.11:18 , … and shouldest destroy them who destroy the earth. Sadly Stephen should “walk the talk”
    Possibilities that there could be no protection if he is put into the lions den. We are called too pray for those in government, and I especially
    thank those who diligently take the time to prepare these petitions. Keep
    up the good work, your reward will be great.

  16. Bev Muendel-Atherstone Says:

    We have known for decades that asbestos is a carcinogen. Programs to remove asbestos from homes and public buildings were rampant. Yet, at the same time the government continued to export asbestos to the developing world. Clearly the profit motive trumps morality for this government.

  17. Pierre Nicolas Says:

    Yes, asbestos is a deadlypoison. A friend of mine died thanks to his exposure while working on shipbuilding.
    It has to be stopped.
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to protest against it.

  18. Robin Says:

    Stephen Harper could not care less about Canadians or the health of it’s people. The people he does care about, the very wealthy corporation owners, who contribute to his campaign, will never hold jobs that expose them to these nasty chemicals. They are the people running these companies, exposing their workers and foreign workers to a death sentence. So again, to be clear, STEPHEN HARPER DOES NOT CARE!!!!

  19. steve mckinley Says:

    I have to agree with the last comment. Harper doesn’t care and nothing
    can be done. does anybody else feel like comments on
    these sites are basically just useless given his nearly unrivalled political power now?
    these are sad depressing times for Canada

  20. Sheena Svitich Says:

    My dad died a horrible death from mesothelioma a couple of months ago. All from asbestos he was exposed to at work. It is unconscionable that Steven Harper allows this product to be exported to other countries, when it clearly KILLS. Everyone, let’s use as much public pressure as possible to make our feelings known.

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