Breaking News! Terminator Seed Ban Act introduced and needs your support

Fri, Jun 1, 2007 E-Bulletins

Dear RightOnCanada Supporter, 

I write to share with you the exciting news of our important victory in the battle to ban Terminator seeds in Canada. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of Canadians like you, Bill C-448, the Terminator Seed Ban Act, was tabled in the House of Commons on May 31, 2007. Bill C-448 is a Private Members Bill by NDP Member of Parliament and Agriculture Critic, Alex Atamanenko.

In recognizing our efforts, Mr. Atamanenko said that, “judging by the 1,400 letters that my office has received, and which continue to arrive daily, Canadians are spelling it out loud and clear to this government – BAN TERMINATOR!”

Next step is to ensure that it becomes law! 

If enacted, this bill would prohibit any field-testing or commercial use of Terminator seed technology in Canada. This bill would be Canada’s commitment to the world.

But this will only happen with your help.You can take instant action by going to our website and sending a letter to Prime Minister Harper and your Member of Parliament urging Mr. Harper to take concrete action to protect farmers in Canada and around the world by adopting as his own, Bill C-448 that enacts a national ban on Terminator seed technology. 

Thank you for caring and especially, thank you for taking action.

In peace and with hope,  

Kathleen Ruff

Senior Advisor to the Rideau Institute
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One Response to “Breaking News! Terminator Seed Ban Act introduced and needs your support”

  1. Lise Eaman Says:

    I totally support the introduction and passage of Bill C-448, the Terminator Seed Ban Act, tabled in Parliament on May 31, 2007. Congratulations to the NDP and, especially MP Alex Atamenenko (please excuse spelling if faulty) for supporting sanity in Canada`s agricultural policy. How can anyone besides Monsanto et al believe that terminator seeds could be good for Canadian farmers or future agricultural success in our country?

    Thanks, Alex, and keep up the good work!

    Lise Eaman

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