Tell Stephen Harper to ban the bulk export of water!

Wed, Jul 4, 2007 E-Bulletins

Dear RightOnCanada Supporter,

The Conservative government recently voted against a motion that called for taking water out of NAFTA, which would help prevent bulk water exports in the future.

By voting against the motion, the Harper Conservatives are sending a signal to the U.S. that our water is for sale.Bulk water exports are NOT prohibited in NAFTA and any effort to ban bulk water exports may be struck down by an undemocratic NAFTA tribunal. That’s why the Bloc Québécois, along with the NDP, called on the Harper government to open talks with the U.S. and Mexico to formally exclude water from NAFTA as a tradable good.Send a message to Stephen Harper that you want water protected from NAFTA, and a ban on bulk water exports.

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