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Mon, Oct 1, 2007 E-Bulletins

Dear RightOnCanada Supporter

I am moved by the courage of ordinary Burmese citizens and Buddhist monks who have marched in the thousands to demand democracy for Burma. I am also shocked by the brutal reaction of that country’s military junta to these peaceful demonstrators.

Media and observer reports have detailed the atrocities of the Burmese authorities: potentially hundreds of innocent citizens shot or even burned alive. Thousands more have been jailed. Pro-democracy leader and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi remains under house arrest.

Please join me in calling on Stephen Harper to take a stronger stand in defence of peace and human rights. Canada must engage other countries, in addition to the UN Security Council, in pressing the Burmese military junta to end its 45-year stranglehold on the rights and freedoms of its citizens. 

Mr. Harper must also call on China to use its influence and urge Burma to end its violent attacks on its own citizens.

Thanks for taking action. Please forward this letter to your friends and contacts.


Kathleen Ruff
Founder of 
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  1. shelley johnson Says:

    When spiritual leaders whose principles are based on peaceful coexistance march to the drum of democracy, let no person be silent in their support of such love for their fellow men, women and children

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