Appeal to Dr Kellie Leitch to care about children overseas. Two photos of children overseas exposed to Canadian asbestos harm.

Fri, Aug 26, 2011


Date: August 25, 2011

To: Dr. Kellie Leitch, MD, MBA, FRCS (C), MP

Dear Dr. Leach:

Please would you take a look at the attached two photos. The first shows a child in India being exposed to extremely high levels of asbestos fibres, standing close to where a worker is cutting asbestos cement with a mechanical saw. Even the asbestos industry admits that this releases extraordinarily dangerous high levels of asbestos fibres that the worker and all those nearby, including the child, breathe in.

The second is a recent photo in Indonesia showing a child being exposed to harm from Canada’s asbestos. LAB Chrysotile Inc, our last asbestos mine, supplies asbestos to the Djabesmen asbestos-cement factory in Indonesia. Broken pieces of asbestos cement and the asbestos bags are dumped outside the factory, where children, unaware of the threat to their health, re-use the bags and gather broken pieces of asbestos cement.

Please, Dr. Leitch, can you tell me why you do not care about these children? Why do you not care about the harm that we are knowingly doing to them?

I look forward to receiving your response.

Kathleen Ruff

Founder of, and senior human right advisor to the Rideau Institute.

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