Stop Genetically Engineered Trees

Wed, Oct 1, 2008


Support a U.N. Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Trees

The Harper government is using public funds to field test genetically engineered (GE) trees at government research stations in Canada. Tree pollen can travel hundreds of miles and the release of GE trees will put our forest ecosystems and biodiversity at risk from irreversible contamination.

“Genetically engineered trees have the potential to wreak ecological havoc throughout the world’s native forests,” says Dr. David Suzuki. “Any outdoor test plots or existing plantations should be removed.”

Around the world, governments, Indigenous peoples, and environmental organizations are calling for a ban on GE trees.

From May 19-30 our government will take part in a major UN meeting that will decide “yes” or “no” to a global moratorium on genetically engineered trees.

Write to Environment Minister John Baird and the other political leaders now , calling for our government to:

  • SUPPORT an international moratorium on GE trees
  • STOP field trials of genetically engineered trees in Canada

In solidarity and with thanks to you,

Kathleen, Peggy, Pauline and Becky for

4 Responses to “Stop Genetically Engineered Trees”

  1. Effie Says:

    I completely agree with you, I think we must take care about our nature, it is our main duty, and I am going to support this organization, thanks for sharing.

  2. Brad Bidmead Says:

    Environment Minister of Canada, in regards to the upcoming U.N. meetings regarding GE trees I strongly urge you to support an international moratorium and put an end to the field trials. Not enough is known about potential problems and how these trial fields will affect our native forests. I am also concerned that while tax payers are funding this extremely risky endeavor they have no clue as to potential side effects let alone that it is happening at all. So please untill we are at least better informed vote to support an international moratorium on GE Trees. A concerned citizen and conservationalist, Brad Bidmead

  3. J Healy Says:

    Our focus should be on using the most natural seeds in the most natural environment (without pesticides and fungicides) possible. Stop messing with our food and land – it’s all we have.

  4. cfnebear Says:

    what is Canada’s choice?
    “On the road of life one will possibly encounter a fork in the road. One path will lead to living in harmony with the earth and one will lead to money and greed.”
    Hopi proverb.

    this is a great site for related information

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