Conservative Party of Canada asked to repudiate statements creating doubt about asbestos harm

Wed, Mar 4, 2020


Kathleen Ruff,

In a letter to Canada’s Official Opposition party, asbestos victims, health organisations and others have asked the Conservative Party to repudiate statements made by a Conservative Member of Parliament, Luc Berthold, creating doubt about asbestos harm.

Speaking about the Quebec Commission of Inquiry into asbestos and asbestos-mining wastes, Berthold told media that a powerful, rich, anti-asbestos lobby is operating in Quebec and Canada and finances false scientific studies.

Berthold stated that this very powerful lobby abuses every forum to denigrate asbestos and denigrate the Quebec region where asbestos mining took place. Berthold provided no evidence for his accusations, but it is easy to stir up anger and resentment. The misinformation and climate of resentment that he is fomenting hold strong sway in the region and undermine the possibility of evidence-based, responsible decisions being made by the Quebec government after the Commission submits its report.

While it was in power until 2015, the Conservative government denied the evidence that asbestos is harmful. It has not responded to an earlier letter regarding its support for the asbestos industry and providing details of Berthold’s statements.

It is time for the Conservative Party of Canada to respect scientific evidence, deal responsibly with the asbestos issue and repudiate Berthold’s statements.

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