India Abroad: Indian bill seeks ban on import of asbestos

Fri, Jan 15, 2010

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Here is an article just published in India Abroad, a publication that is read by the Indo-Canadian community.

Indian bill seeks ban on import of asbestos



Canada must support the listing of Chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous product under the Rotterdam Convention, an Indian social activist group has said.

A debate has been raging on in Canada, whose last operational asbestos mine in Quebec exports large quantities of the fiber, a proven carcinogen, to developing countries like India.

President of the Ban Asbestos Network of India Gopal Krishna says if Canada takes this step, it can then help initiate efforts to ban mining and export of asbestos for good.

Victoria, British Columbia-based expert on asbestos Kathleen Ruff and New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Pat Martin told India Abroad recently that

Canada has been subverting all efforts to have the white asbestos listed as a hazardous substance. Read more.

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Two Conservative MPs (Donna Cadman of BC & Pat Davidson of Ont.) have broken rank with their Party and have publicly said Canada should stop exporting asbestos. Bur the four Conservative Indo-Canadian MPs (Devinder Shory and Deepak Obhrai of Calgary, Tim Uppal of Edmonton & Nina Grewal of Fleetwood-Port Kellis, BC) have not, to date, opposed Canada exporting this deadly product to India. They have been asked what their position is but, so far, have not answered. It would be good if people in their ridings could get an answer from them. Any ideas? Anyone willing to help?

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