Take Action for Earth Day

Wed, Apr 21, 2010


6 Responses to “Take Action for Earth Day”

  1. Mary DelRosario Says:

    I want the Canadian government to make protection of the environment its top priority.

  2. Marie Brehaut Says:

    What about our new computerized, mercury filled light bulbs, that do not last longer than the old fashioned kind. Who cares about adding more mercury poisoning to our environment.

  3. Bryan Dockrill Says:

    The environment(We) cannot survive without oxygen.
    How much do we consume? How much is regenerated from our depleted pine beetle ravished forest and our polluted shore lines?
    What will the next generation do when their thinking is befuddled from the lack of oxygen in their brains?
    Lets get real; it is CO2 but more import what about O2?

  4. Sue Says:

    The environment should be the lens through which all policies and actions are developed and taken. We must stop measuring wealth and well being by economic growth – we’ve outgrown that.

  5. Edda Loomes Says:

    Dear Sir
    I was pleased to see young children getting interested in saving the earth.
    Hopefully we can do that too. The economy is not the ultimate in our survival and we can’t drink oil. Let us save our environment.
    Yours truly
    Edda Loomes

  6. Sandra Bourbeau Says:

    There is a public will in Canada to protect our land and water. The government has an opportunity to lead. Oil & gas have become the gods that we serve to generate capital. There are other ways.

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