International challenge to PM Harper’s asbestos policy published in two major Canadian newspapers

Mon, Nov 15, 2010


We did it!

Thanks to overwhelming support from all around the world, we published an ad in TWO major Canadian newspapers challenging PM Harper to stop supporting the export of asbestos.

The ad was published in the Ottawa Citizen and the Edmonton Journal (click here to see the ad).
More than a hundred unions, organizations and health defenders from 23 different countries endorsed the ad.

“This is an amazing example of international solidarity,” said RightOnCanada founder, Kathleen Ruff. “Canadians and people around the world are demanding that PM Harper end his deadly asbestos policy. He can no longer hide from this issue.”

The ad appears at a crucial moment when an anonymous consortium of investors wants to open a new asbestos mine in Quebec to export vast quantities of asbestos to the developing world.

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One Response to “International challenge to PM Harper’s asbestos policy published in two major Canadian newspapers”

  1. Ivaldo Pasini Says:

    Mr. Harper has continuously shown not only to be a despot, insofferent of anyone who has a different opinion than his, but also a man of small mind, interested only in maximizing his chances to achieve maximum political success at any cost. This is a man which makes many Canadians sick to be associated with him and his policies, even when, as in the case of asbestos, most idiots can easily and clearly see the wrong side of the argument. Mr. Harper is not an idiot, far from it. He could be forgiven if he were one but he is not. He is just a cold, calculating, morally corrupt and self-righteous Canadian most of us can ill affort to see around any longer and it is doubly insulting he considers himself a devout christian!!!

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