Ban Terminator Technology Now!

Wed, Feb 7, 2007


The right of farmers to save seeds is crucial to the survival of 1.4 billion people around the world and crucial to the biodiversity of the planet.

Terminator technology, which renders seeds sterile after one harvest, threatens this right.

At a UN meeting in January 2006 the Canadian government supported the successful move by Australia to allow Terminator to be researched and studied on a “case by case risk assessment basis”. This would have lead to field trials of Terminator and an end to the existing international moratorium. Strong protest from farmers, indigenous peoples and citizens’ groups in Canada and around the world forced the Canadian Government to back down from this position. Consequently, at the major UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in March 2006, the moratorium was upheld and even slightly strengthened. But the moratorium only exists as long as all governments want it to. The biotechnology industry is continuing to push genetic sterile seed technology as a tool for greater corporate control and profits. “Terminator will rear its ugly head at the next UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in 2008.

“The only solution is a total ban on the technology once and for all,” says Pat Mooney of ETC Group. “Now all national governments must enact national bans on Terminator as Brazil and India have done.” “Terminator directly threatens our life, our culture and our identity as Indigenous peoples”, said Viviana Figueroa of the Ocumazo indigenous community in Argentina on behalf of the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity, who are calling for a world ban on Terminator technology.It’s time for Canada to support a national and international ban on Terminator seeds to make sure they are never field tested or commercialized.

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  1. Tearose Tiger Says:

    Once released, genetically modified organisms are for all geological time and can never be reigned in. The scientific precautionary principle has been thrown away as big agri-business competes for patents and profits. Terminator sends a message to not produce seed (so business can charge farmers for it every year!). Of course, it ain’t full proof so some will produce seeds that carry the suicide message to other plants. I cannot imagine a more dangerous technology. The companies that invent this stuff are some of the richest on Earth and have WAY too much power over government policy. It’s time to say a resounding NO to Terminator….like most sensible countries have already done.

  2. michael hawes Says:

    A similar travesty happened years ago in the Philippines. Read about the “Miracle Rice” program. It was disguised as “Foreign Aid” and it caused irreparable damage of many kinds. Read about the M99 Rice Program on my website.

  3. islandgirl Says:

    We will reap what we sow – as we always have and always will.
    “It ain’t the things we don’t know that get us into trouble, it is the things we know for sure that just ain’t so”
    ~~Mark Twain~~

  4. Michael W MacQuarrie Says:

    High Fructose Corn Syrup. Its also is knowin as Glucose-Fructose. HFCS/Glucose-Fructose is responsible for a dangerous epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Thay don’t use high fructose corn syrup/Glucose-Fructose in the EU as well as Asia, Latin America, Australia/Oceania. Its in pop, drinks, bake goods, candys, etc. in Canada and the US. and it cost our healthcare system a lot of money because of this This poison needs to be banned ASAP.
    in Canada is lised the Ingredient as “Glucose-Fructose” on labels on items.
    If you would like this poison to be banned please sign this Petition.

    Think You.

  5. Michael W MacQuarrie Says:

    PS Terminator Technology also needs to be banned.

  6. Jo Barrett Says:

    Progressio’s ground-breaking new report on Terminator technology criticises the governments of the UK and EU for undermining the UN ban on the technology, arguing that Terminator would spell disaster for the developing world and agricultural biodiversity.

    Against the Grain is now available online at:

    Progressio is an international charity working to tackle poverty and injustice in developing countries. It has been campaigning against Terminator technologies since 2005 and is a founding member of the UK Working Group on Terminator technology and its current Chair.

    For further information about Against the Grain or to speak to Progressio’s environmental advocacy coordinator, Sol Oyuela, please contact Jo Barrett on +44 (0)207 288 8619

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